For Immediate Release

Monument MicroCap Partners, LLC (“Monument”), a Midwest-based private equity firm with offices in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Indianapolis, Indiana, announced today that on October 17, 2023, it closed a transaction with Sweet Tooth Enterprises, LLC (“Sweet Tooth” or the “Company”). Based in Edgewood, New York, Sweet Tooth is a low-volume, high-custom provider of tooling and injection molding services operating two divisions: Micelli Chocolate Mold Company (“Micelli”) and Aztec Tooling & Injection Molding Company (“Aztec”). Micelli is the largest manufacturer of injection polycarbonate chocolate molds in North America and is the preferred supplier for a wide spectrum of North American chocolate manufacturers, ranging from artisanal chocolatiers to large-scale industrial chocolate manufacturers. Aztec specializes in custom tooling (molds) and injection molding services for commercial markets including point-of-purchase displays, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive and retail industries.

Tim Goddeau, President of Sweet Tooth, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be entering this new phase of growth with Monument. The Company is dedicated to delivering high-quality products with quick turnarounds and Monument will provide us with the strategic support and capital as we expand our reach and capabilities. Sweet Tooth and Monument share the same cultural values and vision for the future of the Company, its customers, and its employees.”

Jim Futterknecht, Founding Partner of Monument, added “Tim Goddeau is an outstanding leader with deep industry knowledge who has built a tremendous business. Sweet Tooth’s unique positioning in the North American chocolate market, along with its unwavering commitment to quality and long-standing customer relationships, set them apart in this market. We look forward to working with Tim and his team as we pursue collective growth and expansion.”

Monument has completed nineteen acquisitions since the firm’s inception over the last 5 years, including seven platform acquisitions and twelve add-on acquisitions.

About Monument MicroCap Partners, LLC

Monument is a Midwest-based private equity firm focused on investments in North American businesses with EBITDA of $2-8 million. Monument seeks to partner with honest, hard-working and talented management teams across a wide variety of industries, including niche manufacturing, business services and industries positioned to capitalize on demographic trends and the growing need for infrastructure investment.

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